~ WATER ~ National Art Show

Call for entry for the upcoming art exhibition 'Water'.

open i art space seeks artists exploring the concept of water through all medias, expressing what water means to them. 

As Bruce Lee said, “Be formless, shapeless… Be water, my friend.”

Both art and water are vital for life, and they share the ability to be many things and transcend a specific form.

Call for entry 'Water' - submit the application by 5/19/19

be water my Friend

'WATER' National Group Show | Exhibition Calendar

Original Art Size / Photography is 36” maximum in any direction. 

Artists can submit a wide variety of media, from contemporary painting, digital art, and sculpture to photography and video. For video entries we accept YouTube and Vimeo links.

The application to enter is available on this page.

May 19 - Final entry deadline 

May 21 - Notifications sent 

June 2 - Artwork received by mail  

June 5 - Artwork delivered in person from 5:30pm - 8pm

Thursday, June 6 - Opening night reception 5:30pm - 9:30pm

Friday 6/7 - Saturday 6/8 - Sunday 6/10 from 5:30pm - 8:30pm